2014 BBCon

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Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits Gaylord National Hotel and Conference Center Nashville, TN Oct 6-8, 2014 Join us on Wednesday the 8th when Thalia Driessen, our Creative Director will do a Breakout session about: Web Design Trends in 2014 and Beyond Learn more about the event at bbconference.com

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: What Email?

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Most of us approach fundraising, particularly event fundraising, through peer-to-peer programs. It’s an accepted fact that when individuals are doing the fundraising on behalf of an organization, others are more likely to donate. In this space email still reigns as the leading communication tool for constituents engaged in fundraising. Over the past four months, the Maryland Affiliate of Susan G. …

Not into Photoshop? Try Piktochart.

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Most of us don’t have a talent for creating graphics, especially when it comes to Photoshop and similar programs. They require an immense amount of knowledge and practice. Even with training many of the features can still boggle the mind. The rest of us need easy online tools like Piktochart! Piktochart has a free and paid version, I recommend upgrading …

Hash(tag) it Out

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When Twitter implemented hashtags, the idea was to categorize and sort information in a simple way. It was effective. So effective, that hashtags have crept into everyday vernacular and are invading every part of the Internet. No longer are hashtags only for Twitter. You can sum up your point of view in a text message, Tweet, Google+ post and even …

A New Way to Present

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PowerPoint has become the go-to program that most of us look to when creating a presentation. PowerPoint is familiar to most at this point and kids come out of high school knowing how to use the tool. However, we now live in a world of social media, personalization and dynamic content: Enter Prezzi. Prezzi is a presentation tool like nothing …