3 Hacks for Email Marketers on the Go

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I think we can all agree email is a vital part of our marketing efforts. Whether it be to promote an event, encourage visits to your website or simply share information. We need email. We also need time! I’ve met a huge number of communications managers who have a laundry list of messages to send, but are lacking time, resources, …

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The 5 Minute Self Site Audit

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The longer a site is live, the more hands are involved in cultivating content and making additions. The vision which was originally created can be diluted over time, and some of the key engagement factors forgotten. A thorough audit is recommended once per year to ensure a site is reaching it’s fullest potential, but in this case, there are several …

Email Your Users. They’re Online…Now!

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We all have emails to send. Newsletters, registration announcements, capital campaign news, general appeals…the list goes on! There are plenty of well researched articles to suggest the best day, time and mood for when to send an email to your audience. There are also predictive tools built into software to tell you when users have been opening and clicking previous …

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How Deep is Your Scroll?

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I recall five or so years back, a number of clients I worked alongside had very lengthy web pages. Some were going through website redesigns, some were spinning event sites out into their own instances, and all were asking about the fold point of the page. Trying to keep the right information above the fold (point where the user must …

Have You Met DataStudio?

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Many of us are familiar with DataStudio, at least in name. It sounds like a cross between an excel spreadsheet and Photoshop. Not typically something that would entice a causal web surfer to click and explore. DataStudio (DS) isn’t really either of those things. It’s a powerful visual reporting tool that can be used by basic and advanced users. The …