A New Way to Present

Rob Winters Blog

PowerPoint has become the go-to program that most of us look to when creating a presentation. PowerPoint is familiar to most at this point and kids come out of high school knowing how to use the tool. However, we now live in a world of social media, personalization and dynamic content: Enter Prezzi.

Prezzi is a presentation tool like nothing you’ve experienced before and if you haven’t heard of it this is the perfect time. Here’s how it works: Prezzi allows the user to pick a theme and create an entire presentation on a single canvas. This sounds unusual and even a bit wrong. PowerPoint has taught us over the years that in order to have a great presentation we need to have a few dozen slides, each providing the next building block of a cohesive topic. Throw that idea away and imagine a presentation that flows around the canvas. This provides physical movement in place of the fade in and fade out animations we’ve come to know.

The person giving a presentation should be the key focus, meaning that the canvas you’re presenting should only have your buzz words and appropriate graphics to support the topic. There’s no need to put ever word on the page. Prezzi keeps with this theme and allows the user to enter key ideas across the canvas in different areas that have been segmented by the theme’s built-in graphics. If you’re really feeling creative you can even import a song to accompany the presentation.

A couple other key features that make Prezzi simple to use include: the ability to import images directly from the Internet, YouTube videos can be dropped in and templates come with multiple themes.

Brian Winters
VP Client Services