Hash(tag) it Out

Rob Winters Blog

When Twitter implemented hashtags, the idea was to categorize and sort information in a simple way. It was effective. So effective, that hashtags have crept into everyday vernacular and are invading every part of the Internet. No longer are hashtags only for Twitter. You can sum up your point of view in a text message, Tweet, Google+ post and even your Facebook Status: #MyPoint. Today, not all of these social networks support the use of hashtags, but that’s no reason to not use them.

What I recommend is using a set of hashtags within the organization across all social networks. Having tags that can be used annually for events, fundraisers or other initiatives builds value. Think of this as SEO for your social pages and building your brand across the web. Avoid adding in the year or specifics (#MyEvent2013), you’ll be limiting the life of your tag. Just like you invest in your website and the longevity, it is worthwhile to pick tags that can be used throughout the organization and even by multiple departments. Every post and Tweet is another tick mark on the value and life of your tag.

Monitter is a free service that let’s you see how many people have used your hashtag. This is great when you are trying to show the impact of a single Tweet. I can enter #KomenOC to see the reach of a recent email campaign we pushed out for a client. Ten Tweets appear, this helps me in following and connecting with individuals that are invested in my cause. This is a secondary benefit of the tag but is something you can use to score engagement value for a constituent.

Hashtags are one more way to track your content and the constituents engaging with your organization. Before you write them off as a fad be sure to take a second look and discover the #Impact.

Brian Winters
VP Client Services