"We want to help nonprofit staff spend time delivering their mission instead of trying to make technology work for them."
Dennis Chyba, Founder & President

We have a strong culture of customer service at Adcieo. We view our clients as partners and consider ourselves an extension of your team. We share your passion for your work and exercise our best efforts to help you maximize opportunities for audience engagement. 
 We believe the following mutually agreed upon expectations support a positive working relationship:

  • Commitment to Quality: Both parties will strive to provide the highest level of involvement and dedication to results.  

  • Shared Goals: Goals will be frequently reviewed to ensure the focus remains on the critical objectives.  

  • Flexibility and Compromise: The Internet changes daily. We need to be nimble and responsive in our approach.  

  • Good Communication: Involves being responsive, respectful and assuring that all project stakeholders and resources are fully aligned.

Founded: 2007

A main focus of our early days was to help clients maximize the use of their software. We still strive to do this today while helping clients select and build the right products. In the end, any software, or hardware for that matter, needs to fit the user…not the other way around.

Growing Strong

With growth comes change. Today, the Adcieo team offers expertise in web development, strategic campaign planning and fundraising, email strategy and execution, database management, cleanup and custom integration. Just to name a few…we don’t like to brag.