Your List is Dying

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We can all agree Einstein was a smart guy, he knew the definition of insanity, yet many of us simply ignore the past and hope for better in the future. Specifically, I'm talking about fundraising and email lists. Whether it's an event, annual campaign, or the occasion email send to the masses, attrition is a part of life. I've yet ...
Life Hack

5 Website Hacks for Non-Developers

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Most of us end up trying to manage websites without the help of developers for many reasons. Here are a few hacks to make your life easier. 1. Image Size You want a new slide for your home page, you need a new call out button, or some other image but you have no idea how big or small to …

The 1-Click Challenge

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Think back on the day your website launched…it was everything you could hope: Clean, organized and user-friendly. Now time has gone by, maybe a few months or years, you have new staff, new pages and the pristine masterpiece you put out into the world is covered in band-aids. Here are three things every user should be able to find in …


Defining Privacy

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Lurking in small print at the bottom of many nonprofit and commercial websites you will find the Privacy Policy. Most of us don’t take the time to read, or even visit, this obscure web page. Even if you don’t worry about reading a site’s policy, it’s best to know your policy covers all of the important areas and protects you …

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: What Email?

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Most of us approach fundraising, particularly event fundraising, through peer-to-peer programs. It’s an accepted fact that when individuals are doing the fundraising on behalf of an organization, others are more likely to donate. In this space email still reigns as the leading communication tool for constituents engaged in fundraising. Over the past four months, the Maryland Affiliate of Susan G. …