3 Hacks for Email Marketers on the Go

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I think we can all agree email is a vital part of our marketing efforts. Whether it be to promote an event, encourage visits to your website or simply share information. We need email. We also need time! I’ve met a huge number of communications managers who have a laundry list of messages to send, but are lacking time, resources, …

Email Your Users. They’re Online…Now!

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We all have emails to send. Newsletters, registration announcements, capital campaign news, general appeals…the list goes on! There are plenty of well researched articles to suggest the best day, time and mood for when to send an email to your audience. There are also predictive tools built into software to tell you when users have been opening and clicking previous …


Your List is Dying

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We can all agree Einstein was a smart guy, he knew the definition of insanity, yet many of us simply ignore the past and hope for better in the future. Specifically, I'm talking about fundraising and email lists. Whether it's an event, annual campaign, or the occasion email send to the masses, attrition is a part of life. I've yet ...
Spam Email

Are You an Evil Spammer?

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It is with certainty we can say at some point in the life span of your email list(s) there will be opt ins, opt outs, spam complaints and even people who declare with passion that they never signed up for any mailings. It’s impossible to please everyone, but there are some best practices you can employ to make sure your …