New or Familiar, Meeting and Engaging Constituents: How a Networked Community can Collaborate

Rob Winters Events, News

Dennis Chyba will be joining Cancer Support Community to speak on engaging constituents at the National Affiliate Conference on November 6 – 8, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Moving an individual from stranger to donor is only possible by investing in the relationship. Taking the time to not only acquire new constituents, but getting to know those in your database today, is key to building an experience. The time investment in multi-channel engagement will impact the results and number of donors today and tomorrow.

The question is how to do this with limited staff and resources? The investment needs to be focused and smart not scattered and large. Cancer Support Community has a national footprint, but operate locally. How to leverage the collaborative nature of the CSC mission, and develop a diversified funding base is a timely question.

Fundraising methodologies, while rooted in best practices that have been long proven, have evolved. Today collaboration, connection, and communication make the difference. Most would say as humans we have more brain power than geese, but we may want to take a lesson and understand the value of flying in formation. Geese add 71% flying power when flying together vs. alone. The multiplier for fundraising is even greater.

Following the general session we will spend more time looking at a possible model for engagement by sharing a pilot approach to donor acquisition, engagement, and retention by the Cancer Support Community San Francisco Bay Area.

This fall we began to implement some concepts with Cancer Support Community San Francisco Bay Area. In this session we will share insight on how we defined overall strategy to acquire new supporters, re-engage those who have lapsed, and cultivate donors. We will also share targets and what they mean to the organization and tactics that have been embraced.

We will discuss how a possible collaborative program could be defined and the benefits to those who participate. Specifically, how to invest in a common campaign that benefits all participating organizations. What would this cost? What are the possible returns? How to deepen relationships with YOUR current donors, reengage those you have lost, and acquire new ones? The current online world has created opportunities that were once only available to a select few large organizations.