Engaged Donor is fundraising reimagined. With the end user and administrator in mind, we created a suite of tools designed to function with any existing website, instantly adopt your brand styling, and be intuitive for event participants, donors and volunteers.



Tired or managing multiple software applications, only to spend more time trying to keep data aligned and less time fundraising?

Meet Engaged Donor! A suite of tools designed to make fundraising more connected and streamlined. What’s included in a standard account? CRM, Email and SMS Messaging, Peer-to-Peer Tools, Registration Forms, Donation Forms, Contact Forms, Ticketing Options, Auction Software, Mobile Fundraising and Indepth Reporting! It’s a mouthful – but we get excited. We include everything we offer. For everyone!



A complete view of all donors, organizations and individuals connected to your organization. See contact information, transaction interactions and communication touches at a summary level, or deep dive into reporting for total engagement visibility.

All secured and backed up through Microsoft Azure.

Donations & Beyond

Easily manage your cash, credit, check, in-kind, pledges and sponsor transactions.

With reporting designed to display registration fees and donations in a distinctly clear fashion, there is no need to question which category a transaction should live.



We’ve created a communications center with email and SMS outreach capabilities. You have the ability to drive donations and registrations by streamlining your recruitment and online coaching campaigns.

With message tagging, reporting has never been easier or faster. Of course, at the contact record level you can manage individual communications, track receipts, resend confirmations and monitor email address health.

3rd Party Fundraisers

Your supporters have a lot of ways they want to show their support…if you have the tools for them to do so;

  • Birthday Fundraisers
  • Personal Fundraisers
  • Special Occasions
  • Sporting Events

Engaged Donor allows your supporters to fundraise however they like. See how the American Liver Foundation has created a nationwide 3rd Party Fundraising platform for their constituents with Engaged Donor. Visit the Make a Difference website.



Your database has individuals and companies. Sometimes it even has individuals within a company, or individuals representing a company. So, why are so many CRM tools splitting your records into two, difficult to manage, databases?

Engaged Donor keeps all your contacts, individual, company, and other, in one happily united database. You can even change an individual to a company, or company to an individual with the check of a box. Oh, and if you change from one record type to another, you can still search them by the company or individual name with a simple search. That’s right. A database united!


  • Auction Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Contribution Tracking
  • CRM
  • Donor Management
  • Event Management
  • Email Tools
  • Mobile Giving
  • Payment Processing
  • Pledge Management
  • Recurring Giving
  • Reporting Tools
  • SMS Tools
  • Volunteer Management