The 1-Click Challenge

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Think back on the day your website launched…it was everything you could hope: Clean, organized and user-friendly. Now time has gone by, maybe a few months or years, you have new staff, new pages and the pristine masterpiece you put out into the world is covered in band-aids.

Here are three things every user should be able to find in no more than one click while visiting any website.

Your Mission: Who are you and why should I care? If your mission isn’t visible on the homepage of the website it should be easily and clearly accessible to the user by way of the navigation.

Call to Action: Call out boxes and sliders are a great way to highlight your call to action. Depending on your organization, nonprofit/for profit, you may have several. Let’s say your number one call to action is to collect emails for your newsletter. Is there an easy to find and visually engaging email collection field on the home page? And, if I’m navigating your site can I easily get to a page where I can complete this call to action?

Donate: Donations make the nonprofit world go round. You’ve added a big beautiful donate button on the home page of your website. I as a donor click this button with eager anticipation of supporting a great cause. But wait, what’s this? You’ve sent me to a page loaded with multiple giving types. I wanted to make a simple gift and now you’re asking me to read a novel and more likely than not I’m going to call it quits. Make your main donate button a direct link to the form and save the multiple giving types for the page in your navigation devoted to such information.

If you can’t get to all three of these items on the home page of your website or with a single click it’s time to reevaluate your website and make some updates. Put your most important information first and let everything else follow.

Brian Winters Brian Winters
VP Client Services