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Are You an Evil Spammer?

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Spam EmailIt is with certainty we can say at some point in the life span of your email list(s) there will be opt ins, opt outs, spam complaints and even people who declare with passion that they never signed up for any mailings. It’s impossible to please everyone, but there are some best practices you can employ to make sure your emails are not only compliant with spam rules and regulations, but even reduce negative feedback by creating a user-friendly experience.

Content is king when it comes to any type of online marketing, so we’ll assume at the moment your current emails are the best of the best. Let’s focus on what’s built into the template of your emails.

In the footer you may have your organization’s contact information such as address, phone, email and possibly even a fax. If you’d don’t – you need it! You can go beyond basic emails by including a link to your online privacy policy. This way you are providing your constituents with a clean, accessible way to find this important information.

Links to include in your template: Opt out. Yes, the one thing everyone is terrified will be clicked. It’s going to be clicked so it’s worth investing some time on the page in which a user is presented upon “opting out.” Make it easy to adjust settings, such as the frequency of emails and if possible within your email client let people expressly place themselves on email lists, assuming you are segmenting and have several lists. If you make it easy to define the settings for the user you’ll reduce the opt out rate and boost your open and click rates by providing the desired content.

Your website. You need a link to your website’s home page. Just because a user is on your email list does not ensure they will be visiting your website. You’ve spent time and money crafting content, graphics and building a meaty site. Make sure people can get there in a click. It is a great way to pull in traffic. Yes, you may be linking to landing pages in your email content, but trust me you want a link to the main site in every email template. Think ahead to a special announcement or save the date message that may have no relevant landing page. Home is where the heart of your organization is.

By ensuring your email templates provide clean, clear content you’re achieving your marketing goals, and by being transparent with privacy rules you’ll avoid becoming a spammer.

Brian Winters Brian Winters
VP Client Services