7 Engaged Donor Tools & Tips You Should Be Using!

Rob Winters Blog

We are well into the first month of 2020, and now seems like an ideal time to remind you, or show you, some Engaged Donor features that can make your life easier!

1. Engaged Donor Admin App

This one is a no brainer. Available in the Apple App and Google Play stores, the ED Admin App allows you to process credit cards via phone. Yes, you can do this through your web browser on a mobile device, but the app means mobile friendly and focused. There is the option to use THUMBTACK to swipe the cards, but the app doesn’t require the device. Meaning, you can create simplified forms in Engaged Donor to use on-site at an event and speed through transactions.

2. MyHQ Wizard

A feature we rolled out at the end of 2019, the MyHQ Wizard helps steward event participants through the process of adding a photo, text and personalizing their fundraising URL. We know participants who customize are more likely to fundraise, and those who include personal stories have a greater impact when converting potential supporters. This can be turned on for any current of future engagement by checking the box beside “Show MyHQ Wizard” within the registration definition.

3. Auto Charge

This feature is available within all engagements and incredibly easy to setup. When you create a registration type, there is a field to define a “Minimum Fundraising Amount” which can be different from the registration fee and fundraising goal. This is the amount a user is promising to fundraise, and in case they don’t, they plan to pay the remaining balance. Auto Charge makes it possible to set minimum fundraising amounts, which can differ by registration type, form and engagement, as well as decide when charges should take place. Meaning you can charge all outstanding balances on a specific date, or pick an choose at an individual level…if needed.

4. Visual Email Editor

Not a fan of editing or writing HTML? Then it’s time to take advantage of the Visual Email Editor! Drag and drop your way to email perfect with building blocks and take your email game up a level. Of course, you can always use the classic WYSIWYG editor, but isn’t change the spice of life?

5. Segments / Import

Let’s face it, one way or another, you’re going to end up with some offline data. It may be in excel, or on a volunteer sign in form that’s tucked away in a desk drawer. This data isn’t working for you if it’s not available to you. Segments are a fast and easy way to import offline data into Engaged Donor without the need to setup a form. Simply add data to an excel sheet, ensure the headers are correct [Header cheat sheet here!] and import. The segment will take on the name of your file. Plan to add more data to the same segment later? Import as many times as you like, without duplicating segments, simply use the same file name!

6. Birth Date

You may, or may not, be collecting birth date via forms. If you’re not, you should! And if you know a birth date, you should be updating your contact records with this information. Why? Engaged Donor has specific birth date filters that make it incredibly easy to define an email receiver list based on this information. Who doesn’t like feeling special on their big day? Not collecting this data leaves a hole in your communication plan, as well as missing an opportunity to celebrate your supporters.

7. Confirmation Email Resend

Within every contact record, there is a Communications area. At the bottom of this page you will find any and every confirmation email that has been sent to an individual. This is really handy around tax season when someone needs a copy of a receipt they lost. Simply click resend to deliver a fresh version of the original donation/registration confirmation. You can also view the message to know exactly what is sending.

BONUS: Resource Center

This one is technically not a feature, but a place to learn! The Resource Center is where how-to information and training videos are housed. This is a must use for users at all levels. Check it out!

Are there any tips you’d add to the list? Feel free to comment below or give us a shout on Facebook.

Chief Operating Officer at Adcieo; a software and services company that provides professional marketing services and a suite of constituent management and fundraising tools.