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5 Website Hacks for Non-Developers

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Most of us end up trying to manage websites without the help of developers for many reasons. Here are a few hacks to make your life easier.

1. Image Size

You want a new slide for your home page, you need a new call out button, or some other image but you have no idea how big or small to tell your designer to make the image. Right click the image already on your site that’s similar or being replaced and click ‘Save Image As.’ This handy trick will save the image to your desktop. Double click the image to view it in Paint (PC) or Preview (Mac) and look at the bottom of the screen. The 100 x 100, or whatever the numbers are, is the size of your image in pixels.

2. Faking Responsive

Maybe you don’t have the budget or resources to create responsive email templates. No problem! You can go fake responsive by setting email tables to a width of 100%. The table will scale on mobile devices and give a faux responsive experience. You should still consider going truly responsive, but this will buy you a little more time until the day comes.

3. Social Double Take

Slow news week, month or year? If you’re unable to regularly post news on your website to keep it fresh, embed a Twitter or Facebook news feed. This adds fresh content, helps keep you relevant with search engines and draws visitors to your social networks. AND if you’re having a hard time crafting social posts, you can share posts from your favorite organizations. Two birds – one basket!

4. Break it Up

You’ve just added a new page to your website and it has lots and lots of copy. If you don’t know how to use anchors, try busting up the copy with headers. Almost all WYSIWYG’s, that’s the thing you’re adding the copy to before publishing, have a dropdown menu with Header 1-6, and if you have to type it into the code add <h1>YOUR TITLE HERE</h1>. Be consistent in the page headers you use to keep things uniform but try a few out before committing and give your page a break.

5. The F Key

You’re trying to update copy in an email or a web page, there’s tons of copy and you find yourself re-reading things as you hunt for one word. Hit CTRL+F (PC) or Command+F (Mac) and a box will appear on the lower left of the screen. Type in what you’re looking for and boom your page will scroll to the text and highlight it for you. Update and save as needed!

Brian Winters Brian Winters
VP Client Services