Chat Support

Providing a scalable model to supporting not only organizational staff, but also constituents is often a challenge. Adcieo executes a model of support in an efficient and effective manner.

Providing support is a critical element to the success of events. The effort to drive the constituent to register, then to engage the participant in fundraising and finally to getting the donor to give has to be smooth and when there is an issue, it must be addressed quickly and easily. Training staff who do not do this year-round often results in a level of frustration, not to mention the high opportunity cost that comes into play.

Adcieo will augment the client team to provide level-one and level-two support for staff, participants and donors. Our philosophy of collaborating typically involves our team members working side-by-side as event day approaches; we like to feel both the pain and excitement.

Use of Chat Support has a significant impact on event fundraising. For the Arthritis Foundation for example, Arthritis Walk participants who utilized Chat Support raised an average of$253 vs. those who did not utilize Chat Support who raised an average of $55.

Typical types of support related questions that are addressed include Login and password resets, donation information, registration questions, event logistics, team questions and general FAQ.

Adcieo can provide live chat support during standard hours that will allow participants to request and receive support immediately at the time they are using the event site.

Contact us today and we’ll help you map out a chat support program to meet your event needs.

Client Examples

Dana-Farber Jimmy Fund Walk

Dana Farber

Adcieo provided chat support and phone outreach for the Dana-Farber Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. In 2014, Adcieo assisted Dana-Farber with over 2,000 participant and donor interactions therefore reducing the staff time needed to address these issues and allowing staff to focus on other mission critical tasks. For the 2014 event, Dana Farber had over 10,000 participants. 989 participants utilized Chat Support with some exciting results. The 989 participants who utilized Chat Support raised an average of $906.25 each vs. participants who did utilize Chat Support who raised an average of $571.67 each. That is an additional $330,899 in revenue as compared to the average amount raised by those who did not take advantage of Chat Support.

National Down Syndrome Society

National Down Syndrome Society

Adcieo is providing chat support for the National Down Syndrome Society’s nationwide Buddy Walk series in 2014 and 2015. We are supporting over 40 Buddy Walk events per year that include approximately 25,000 participants.