Application Implementation

Adcieo provides application implementation for clients who are looking to take an off the shelf product and customize it to meet their specific needs. We are product agnostic and can work with a wide variety of applications.

We takes pride in matching the right solution to the client. Our team has a diverse background and we embrace each project as an opportunity to build a lasting relationship, one that grows over time, not one that creates a dependency. Our goal is for each of our clients to be successful.

Often times, organizations will implement new tools for the sake of having the technology. This is really the easy part; the key is understanding how to use the technology to achieve the organization’s business goals. It is because of this that we have defined processes to ensure alignment and timing of the use of technology within the overall structure of the organization.

The Adcieo team has a myriad of skills including development, communications, marketing, operations, graphic design, photography, image/video editing, software programming languages (C, C++, C#. VB, ASP, .NET, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, JAVA, HTML, CSS, DHTML, XML, CGI, Perl, ColdFusion, and MivaScript, advanced web technologies (JSP, EJB, ODBC, JDBC, SOAP, WAP, SGML, XML, XSL/XSLT, and WML), and database administration (MySQL, Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 9i, PostgreSQL, and Borland InterBase. We have developed a number of applications including a volunteer management solution used by Baltimore City Public Schools and Johns Hopkins University, a workforce development solution used by Milwaukee Workforce Investment Board and Motts Community College, and numerous custom solutions to manage constituents, transactions and online experiences. Adcieo also designed, implemented and proactively supports online infrastructure to support organizations like the George Washington University and the Fund for Educational Excellence.

Client Examples

University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC)

University of North Texas Health Science Center

Adcieo is working with the University of North Texas Health Science Center on the development and implementation of a custom health coaching solution. This project includes the integration of the health coaching solution with the Social Solutions ETO software, Navigator portal and iChat. This comprehensive health coaching application will include interactive engagement factors for both the ‘navigator’ (UNTHSC staff case worker) and the client across six health areas: Diet, Exercise, Social Support, Recreation/Leisure, Med/Rx Adherence and Substance Use. We are developing a tablet based interface for navigators and a mobile based experience for clients. The application will assist in guiding the navigator and the client through the engagement process and next steps for the client while providing supplemental statistic and support information.

This application will include an integrated portal, customizable dashboard, email and text messaging, calculators, social engagement, interactive experiences, videos and animation, calendars and scheduling and referral resources.

Goodwill of San Antonio

Goodwill of San Antonio

Adcieo worked with Goodwill of San Antonio on the custom implementation of a self-service kiosk integration with Social Solutions ETO. As a result of this project, GWSA has their partners fully engaged in tracking progress and outcomes. Adcieo supported GWSA in four key areas. For client management, the custom solution allows GWSA to track data on clients using the system including standard and custom demographic elements, system usage and referrals. For content management, the custom solution allows GWSA to store and display appropriate information for each partner, outline overall services offered and create a logical connection between needed service by client and services offered by partners. Staff is able to manage content centrally with the creation of content from the field. This management process incorporates a workflow and standardization of look/feel/design of the content items.

Adcieo also created a partner portal which enables GWSA partners to manage demographical information for their own organization and view key statistics on aggregate access of referral information. We also developed a client portal that enables clients to manage demographic information for their own records and self-register for support. We are also providing reporting for GWSA to capture and display key metrics that will enable GWSA staff to not only report on touch point and referrals, but also provide the knowledge needed to craft the online experiences to add value to the client.

Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS)

Baltimore City Public School System

Baltimore City Public Schools serve over 80,000 students, many in at risk communities. As such, it is important that every resource and every effort to serve the youth of Baltimore count to the fullest. BCPSS engaged Adcieo in January of 2008 to help implement a communication management tool. This initial project led to the development of a volunteer management tool and most recently a solution to manage external partners and contractors using school property, from cell phone towers to church services, and student support to after school programs. Adcieo works with the multiple departments focusing on communications, engagement, families, partners, and volunteers.