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Application Implementation

Adcieo provides application implementation for clients who are looking to take an off the shelf product and customize it to meet their specific needs. We are product agnostic and can work with a wide variety of applications.

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Technology Consulting

Adcieo can evaluate your data related processes for ways to improve intake, communication, and development process effectiveness. The evaluation of data includes data entry, flow, storage and access, reporting, record segmentation, and their impact on your operational paradigms.

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Chat Support

Providing support is a critical element to the success of events. The effort to drive the constituent to register, then to engage the participant in fundraising and finally to getting the donor to give has to be smooth and when there is an issue, it must be addressed quickly and easily. Training staff who do not do this year-round often results in a level of frustration, not to mention the high opportunity cost that comes into play.

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Virtual Admin

Adcieo can function as an in-house technical support function for organizations. This service provides extended support on the utilization of technology. This includes services such as: event creation and rollout, website content editing and updates, form creation, report generation and email creation and delivery.

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Web Design & Development

At Adcieo we believe in strategic design. We have the design capabilities to make sure that design recommendations are in sync with technical capabilities to deliver a seamless solution. We are very experienced at executing on marketing related strategies including web development and mobile applications to support online engagement. We offer the full range of website development capabilities or we can work as part of a larger team. For example, if an ad agency is defining a marketing campaign for radio or TV, we can come to the table to see how we can have complementary assets for use online. Create the Site You Want