Defining Privacy

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Lurking in small print at the bottom of many nonprofit and commercial websites you will find the Privacy Policy. Most of us don’t take the time to read, or even visit, this obscure web page. Even if you don’t worry about reading a site’s policy, it’s best to know your policy covers all of the important areas and protects you …

Pug Collage

No Photoshop Needed

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Graphic designers are great to have on staff and create a majority of the polished content populating websites. What happens when your designer is busy or if you don’t have one? Usually, someone on the communication team slaps something together in Paint and calls it good. Here are some free online tools to help you help yourself. Round Pic Adding …

keep it clean

Clean Data on Day 1 or 100

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Managing data is something we all like to avoid but are forced to deal with at some point. By setting up some best practices for staff engaging with your web management tools a lot of the future headache can be avoided. 1. Standardize Imports Every database, custom or commercial, has basic contact fields (first name, last name, address, email, etc.) …

Say My Name

Let’s Get Personal

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Think about a company or organization sending out emails you always open. Likely, the great content is one reason you keep coming back for more. The other reason – personalization. If I make a gift or buy your product it means to the consumer/donor in me that the experience moving forward should be personalized. Starbucks is one company that uses …

Who Are You?

Hello, My Name is…

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Knowing who your constituents are isn’t always easy even though it’s a must for any successfully campaign. Better communication begins with better data and a proactive approach. Let’s get to know the people behind the email in your database. Surveys Surveys come in all shapes and sizes. A great first step in moving beyond the email is to start asking …