A Little About Us

Who we are

We, Adcieo, are a digital agency focused on creating engaging and interactive solutions which help our clients succeed in obtaining their mission goals.

“We want to help nonprofit staff spend time delivering their mission instead of trying to make technology work for them.”Dennis Chyba, President & Founder

Founded: 2007

A main focus of our early days was to help clients maximize the use of their software. We still strive to do this today while helping clients select and build the right products. In the end, any software, or hardware for that matter, needs to fit the user…not the other way around.

Growing Strong

With growth comes change. Today, the Adcieo team offers expertise in web development, strategic campaign planning and fundraising, email strategy and execution, database management, cleanup and custom integration. Just to name a few…we don’t like to brag.

Our Philosophy

The Adcieo team understands the importance of creating strong online communities and implementing constituent management best practices in order for charitable organizations and other nonprofits to be able to create and sustain exciting opportunities for online engagement among their various constituencies.

We consider ourselves an extension of your team. We share your passion for your work and exercise our best efforts to help you narrow the gap between legacy services and the opportunities offered by new technologies in order to maximize opportunities for constituent engagement, both offline and online.

Whether you engage us to help develop future strategies, to work with you at the inception of your online experience, or to optimize and/or automate an existing online presence, we are with you every step of the way to help ensure you achieve your organizational goals and objectives without breaking the bank on infrastructure and other investments.